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Alcatel New Models

Normally Provider ID is printed on BACK LABLE. [ID can also be found on a sticker underneath the battery/back panel]


if model no. is  OT-310A then ID would be like 310A-2AAVCO1

if model no. is  Alcatel OT-768T, then ID would be like 768T-2AALUS1 (XZC5YG25).

Look Closely at back lable - imei sticker.

===========Service works on Weekdays 12-8pm IST==========

Service NOT Works on Weekends

Alcatel models:

  • Way 1: Choose Provider ID from the list. In most cases, "Provider ID" of your phone can be found at the sticker under the battery.
  • In case providers ID is not specified on the sticker under the battery, try to find it on the phone's package - it should be mentioned there.
  • Way 2: If Provider ID is unknown, you can select Security file version. How to do that:
    • Dial *#837# or use another combination: *#3228#
    • Find the line that starts with *XZ - Security file version - submit that id as provider id.


If the phone doesn't show the menu with the unlock code request:

Dial *#*#3646633#*#*
Go to menu Telephony -> Simme lock
Enter required code.

1-24 Hours

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