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Australia and NZ Service All iPhones Factory Unlock

For iphones having info like this.. use this service.

MEI: 012753002XXXXXX
family: iPhone
product description: IPHONE 4 32GB WHITE
product version: 6.0
mac address: 4860BCXXXXXX
iccid: 8964010903188XXXXXX
country code: NZ ()
carrier code: Vodafone NZL ()
locked: yes
activated: yes
first activation date: 27-10-2011 06:09:48
last activation date: 20-09-2012 18:27:48
initial activation policy: 57 (Australia & NZ Service.)
applied activation policy: 57 (Australia & NZ Service.)
next tether policy: 57 (Australia & NZ Service.)

Phone must be activated. Do not submit if not activated phone.

Mostly done in 1 to 24hrs max.


2-48 Hours

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