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Nokia Warranty Repair Carrier Simlock Full info

This Service Can TELL you the Exact Country & Carrier to which any NOKIA phone is locked/Released with.

Warranty and REPAIR info also included in the RESULTS.

A must have service for the Buyers or Sellers. Also Useful to determine the carrier for unlocking Orders.

Results are almost instant..unless any specific source side problems.


Serial Number : 353680054XXXXX6

Warranty : NO
Care Services : 
Warranty Class : 
Product Type : RM-820
Sales Model : Nokia Lumia 920
Product Code : 059L848
Start of Warranty : 
End of Warranty : 
Ship-to Customer # : NOKUS48
Ship-to Country : United States
Sold-to Customer # : NOKUS48
Sold-to Country : United States
Factory Simlock : Y
CARRIER details : RM-820 NDT AMERICA ATT Black
Software Version : 1232.5962.1314.0001
Repairs : N/A

1-5 Hours

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