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T-Mobile USA Unlocking by Device Unlock APP - New Service

Support T-Mobile USA phone with T-Mobile Unlocking App: 

HTC One M9, LG H811LB G4, LG LS770 Stylo, Samsung G386T Avant, Samsung G920T Galaxy S6 and Samsung G925T Galaxy Edge S6, Sony Z3 and all new model that use T-Mobile Unlocking App (APK). Please Do Not Submit any other model. 

No refund for wrong IMEI number OR if your Samsung is Not T-Mobile USA OR if your phone DEMANDS an unlock code

>>This service is ONLY for Phones those asking for Unlocking Using Built-in APK T-Mobile Unlocking App<<

Notice: This service will unlock your T-Moible APK 1
00% including Blacklisted, Blocked, financed, etc. but phone will not work in USA after unlock (non usa GSM Carrier Unlocking ONLY).

Keep in mind that for this service normally have a 1-3 days turnaround but may take up to 5 days. Please do not submit unless you or your customers can wait up to 5 business days.

NOTE: Always get the IMEI from *#06# on the phone. Never take the IMEI from the phone sticker or from the box. IMEI Must be ok and Must not be Tampered.



Verify BEFORE ordering that your unlock app is connecting to server.
1) Connect wifi - Open Device Unlock APP
2) Click Permanent Unlock
3) Message will appear "Unlock Failed: This mobile device is not eligble for unlock."
If you do not see above message then do not order. No refund for not connecting to server.
Blacklist: No
Blocked: No
Delivery: 1-4 Days {Average}
Manufacture: Alcatel, LG, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson
Network: T-Mobile USA
Notes: Download T-Mobile APP from Play Store and select "Permanent Unlock" after unlock is completed.


1-5 Days

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